“...define affiliation, build affinity, foster engagement and secure support.”
— Beyond Philanthropy (2012)

alumni and philanthropy publications

Maria has several publications related to the building relationships with alumni.

Please send an e-mail to maria@keepintoucheducation.com to request a full reprint of these academic peer-reviewed articles or click on the second link below (if still available).

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Gallo, M. (2012). “Beyond Philanthropy: Recognising the Value of Alumni to Benefit Higher Education Institutions” Tertiary Education and Management, 18:1, pp.41- 55. Link   Reprint 
This article was awarded the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) 2013    H.S. Warwick Research Award in Alumni Relations for Educational Advancement – Outstanding Published Research Scholarship

Gallo, M.L. (2013). “A Third Master? Examining the Road to Philanthropic Giving at an Irish Catholic College” Christian Higher Education, 12:4, pp.266 - 281. Link   Reprint  

Gallo, M.L. (2013) ‘Higher Education over a Lifespan: A Gown to Grave assessment of a lifelong relationship between Universities and their graduates.’ Studies in Higher Education (Special Issue-The Purposes of Higher Education: SRHE Conference 2012 proceedings), 38:8, pp. 1150-1161. (Impact Factor 1.89) Link   Reprint  

Gallo, M.L. (2014) ‘Creating a Culture of Giving in Irish Higher Education: An education in direct(ing) philanthropic giving in Ireland’ European Journal of Higher Education, 4:3, pp.1-15.
Link  Reprint

Duffy, L. and Gallo M.L. (2016) ‘The Rural Giving Difference? Volunteering as Philanthropy in an Irish Community Organization.’ Journal of Rural and Community Development. Vol 11:1, pp.1-15. Link and reprint

Gallo, M.L (2017) 'How are Graduates and Alumni Featured in University Strategic Plans? Lessons from Ireland.' Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education. Link  Reprint

Alumni-Alma Mater Relationship Building Cycle

From the Tertiary Education and Management Journal article here


Gown to Grave Alumni Participation Model

From the Studies in Higher Education Journal article here

alumni Relations resources

Insights to enhance Alumni Relations and Engagement

Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Professional development and resources for the 78,000 advancement and alumni professionals and over 3,000 institutions worldwide. The alumni relations CASE Online Community (see CASE Communities) is a place to ask questions and share resources, very active and updated daily! If your institution is a member, you can join the CASE community!

ICAReAlumni - International Conference on Alumni Relations an international community of practitioners and researchers focused on Alumni and Career Development, with an annual conference in Europe and a supportive online community for former ICAReAlumni particiapants (alumni!)

Advancement Legends Pocast with Ryan Catherwood Fabulous podcast from sector for the sector. Ryan asks the questions you are thinking with a broad range of international guests from the alumni relations, communications, fundraising world. Often part of my commute!

Day After Graduation Podcast another Longwood University creation that features alumni with creative and interesting after graduation experiences.

Alumni Identity Blog is Dr Jay Le Roux Dillon’s blog drawing on his research on alumni identity. He will draw you in to read with his provocative titles and content.

2468 Appreciate Blog we all know the cheer, and seasoned advancement professional Ron Cohen reminds us the importance of keeping alumni central to our work. Need a boost of alumni inspiration? A great place to start!

Switchboard HQ Blog thought-provoking alumni engagement articles that focus primarily on online communities. Love the ‘what we are reading now’ section with links, to take me down the rabbit home of more good alumni-related reading!

Role Identity Blog scholar Dr J Travis McDearmon’s blog on the musings of alumni, fundraising and advancement, presented with humour and humanity.

Alumni Futures Blog this is a classic. The blog posts by advancement leader Andy Shaindlin chart the seismic changes in alumni relations over the past decade. You think the change is over? Not a chance! It’s what makes alumni work so important and meaningful!

Graduation Now What? TEDx playlist

Academic REferences

If you work in an academic institution, hopefully you have access to library services to gain full access to the growing amount of academic articles related to alumni engagement, relations and the role of alumni within the academy, the community and the wider world.

Engaging Alumni for Graduate Success this is an excellent online resource that shows the many ways alumni involvement can be infused successfully across the institution to support student rehttps://philanthropy.iupui.edu/cruitment, student retention, success and even employment outcomes. Professor Jessica Vanderlelie’s efforts include open source materials to help institutions to maximise the engagement of alumni across the institution. Put this on your must-read list.

Philanthropy & Education Journal this is Dr Noah Drezner’s vision for a journal that focuses on two closely allied concepts together in one journal. There are few academic journals that explicitly mention alumni relations as a potential theme, this is one of them.

The reference list from my articles above provide a comprehensive list of other alumni-related academic resources. More to add to this list soon!