What is KITE?

KITE is a social enterprise that focuses on the potential of all alumni- regardless of background or experience to build their own alumni capital, an inclusive form of social capital. KITE aims to initiate a movement to create an alumni-based mind-set. This mind-set will enable effective alumni-alma mater synergies for personal and professional benefit to alumni, advancement for the alma mater and enact wide social change. Alumni offer a lifelong connection following from their transformational experiences—education, innovative projects, training— that can be sustained to grow individual potential, leverage social inclusion and create innovative policy and organizational change.

KITE offers a range of alumni relationship building services designed to meet a wide range of needs of for universities, colleges and a wide spectrum of organizations who wish to enhance their alumni connections. KITE services employ the latest research and development in the field of advancement and alumni relations adapted for local needs.

KITE aims to offer individuals insights into building their alumni capital and building an alumni mind-set through our social media channels, research and services.

Does your organization have active alumni?

Traditionally alumni services were limited to universities, colleges and schools. Alumni should be synonymous with a shared experience. Many organizations may wish to create an engaged and involved alumni base: from camps to conferences, awards to initiatives, teams to volunteers. Creating an alumni service offers your organization a lifelong connection to a local, national or international diaspora of people that could help advance your organization, act as mentors or share their experience.


• Does your organization already connect with these “alumni”?
• Could your alumni work be more organized and strategic?
• Could your organization yield better outcomes and impact through meaningful engagement with your alumni?

KITE can support you to ensure this service builds alumni potential.

View my TEDx talk 'We are all connected by one word: Alumni' to hear more about alumni, shared experiences and a call to action: https://bit.ly/2MhmopA


The origins of keep in touch education (KITE) began with the simple idea of the kite.

A kite soars while maintaining a grounding— a connection— supporting the kite to reach incredible heights. This provides KITE with the perfect imagery for our mission:

To foster the potential of the relationship between alumni and their alma mater, as a valuable lifelong investment by offering insight, education, research and innovative initiatives to contribute to social change.