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KITE offers a range of services to build an informed alumni base and enhanced alumni service across a range of organizations.

Building Alumni Services for Engagement

BASE (Building Alumni Services for Engagement)

Effective alumni relationships from the start BASE offers bespoke alumni infrastructure based on four phases:

  1. Affiliation: identifying and building the internal organizational infrastructure and support.
  2. Affinity: creating external communication channels and affinity building strategies.
  3. Engagement: identifying opportunities for alumni involvement for their own personal and professional development.
  4. Support: creating philanthropic opportunities for alumni giving their time, talent or treasure.

BASE is for organizations seeking to build an alumni infrastructure from scratch or to provide an analysis of current alumni service to ensure they are effective for the mutual benefit of the organization and for alumni.

Research and development services, based on the BASE model can be offered to meet the needs of alumni and organizations.

For information on initiating or enhancing your alumni services contact Maria: info@keepintoucheducation.com

KITE offers a range of services to build an informed alumni base and enhanced alumni service across a range of organizations.

Barometer of
alumni sentiment

Track alumni hearts and minds.

The Barometer of Alumni Sentiment gives a comprehensive picture of how positively disposed alumni are towards their institution. It identifies alumni sentiment across a wide range of relationship indicators, picking up on factors shown to be critical to institutional support.

The Barometer is a survey sent by each institution to their own alumni, with all the backroom taken care of: detail of design and set up, data collection and analysis.

In 2016, Dr Maria Gallo of KITE developed a partnership with Dr Kym Madden (Customcom Australia) to bring the Barometer of Alumni Sentiment to the Irish higher education sector for 2017.

For information on the Barometer of Alumni Sentiment in Australia see www.barometerofalumnisentiment.com/

To discuss potential to participate in the Barometer in Ireland in 2017-2018 year, contact Maria at info@keepintoucheducation.com

Speaking Engagements, Seminars and Workshops

Spreading the word on the lifelong, worldwide potential of alumni.

Maria is available for speaking engagements to discuss the power of alumni as a diaspora tool with a difference. Specialized seminars and workshops can be designed specifically for your organization, networks or geographic regions who wish to give practical tools to both alumni and advancement professionals to enhance their relationship.

Several other alumni-based services will be added to the KITE suite over the coming year.

For more information, contact me directly: maria@keepintoucheducation.com